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Summer Camps are sold out!

Nature Artwork

Enrolling for Spring Art Classes!



We are offering 6 week 1 1/2 hour classes in drawing and painting, mixed media, clay hand building and wheel throwing and glazing ceramics!  Homeschool classes are 2 hours.  All Supplies and a sketchbook are included!

Ages 6-12

Art Club for 12+ Wednesdays!

April 4th-May 12th


Mondays 4:30-6pm Ceramics and Mixed Media April 4th-May 9th!   

Tuesdays Homeschool April 5th-May 10th!

Tuesdays 4:30-6pm Drawing and Painting April 5th-May 10th 

Wednesdays April 6-May 11 4:30-6pm 12yrs+Art Club!

Thursdays Homeschool 1-3pm April 7-May 11th

Thursdays 4:30-6pm Ceramics and Mixed Media April 7th-May 12th


Birthdays Parties

Birthday Parties are hosted for ages 3 yrs to 100 yrs! Birthday artists choose from one of the many available art mediums. The cost is $100 up front for the studio fee and $15 per artist the day of the party with a minimum of 10 artists. 


Summer Camps

2022 Summer Camp offers a 1 week (5 consecutive day) art experience. Students get hands on training from our incredible staff in drawing, painting, sewing, mixed media, clay, ceramics, and more! $210 for ages 6-14, $80 for Lil' Artists ages 4-7yrs!

Session 1  SOLD OUT Lil Artists T and Th May 31 and June 2, 9-11:00  

Session 2   SOLD OUT Lil Artists W and F June 1 and June 3, 9-11:00

Session 3   SOLD OUT June6-June 10  MTWTF 9-11:30am
Session 4   SOLD OUT June 6-June 10  MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 5   SOLD OUT June 13-June 17  MTWTF 9-11:30am
Session 6  SOLD OUT June 13-June 17  MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 7   SOLD OUT June 20-June 24  MTWTF 9-11:30am
Session 8   SOLD OUT June 20-June 24  MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 9   SOLD OUT June 27-July 1  MTWTF 9-11:30am
Session 10 SOLD OUT June 27-July 1 MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 11   SOLD OUT Lil Artists July 5th&7th  T&Th 9-11:00am

Session 12   SOLD OUT Lil Artists July 6th&8th  W&F 9-11:00am

Session 13   SOLD OUT July 11-July 15  MTWTF 9-11:30am

Session 14   SOLD OUT July 11-July 15 MTFTF  1-3:30pm

Session 15   SOLD OUT July 18-July 22  MTWTF 9-11:30am

Session 16   SOLD OUT July 18-July 22  MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 17  SOLD OUT July 25-July 29  MTWTF 9-11:30am

Session 18   SOLD OUT July 25-July 29  MTWTF 1-3:30 pm

Session 19  SOLD OUTAugust 1-August 5  MTWTF 9-11:30am

Session 20  SOLD OUT August 1- 5th   MTWTF 1-3:30pm

To get on a waitlist, simply email Betsy at


Big Events!

Our beautiful 4000 sq. ft studio is available for rent for your next gathering! We host wedding showers, church events, and much more. Please send inquiries for event rental to